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San Diego’s answer for tree removal services they can rely upon is and has been Cutting Edge Tree Service. When you own your home, at some point you will find yourself requiring the services of a professional tree service company. We can come in handy when a job is too large or dangerous for a homeowner to attempt on their own. Don’t risk injury or damaging your property or home and instead give our licensed tree service a call and we will tackle the issue. We are highly qualified and ready to assist you with any tree removal you may need. We perform stump removal too.

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Tree removal is best left to the professionals. Depending on the size of the tree, bringing it down can be dangerous and put you or your property at risk. Avoid costly damages, painful injuries, and wasted hours by getting in touch with the tree removal experts at Cutting Edge Tree Service.

With our extensive experience in San Diego performing tree removals, stump removals, and more, we will handle the job within the agreed time frame, and will not consider the job finished if you are not completely satisfied. Once you are, we are confident we will have gained your trust and a new long term customer. We have already created hundreds of happy experiences, and have a plethora of testimonials available on our website and across the internet.

While many may consider tree removal to be a costly procedure, we believe you will find our prices to be very affordable. Give us a call and we will create a personalized plan just for you, as well as provide an accurate estimate of time and cost, all at no obligation or cost to you..

You can have peace of mind knowing that you are working with a locally owned and operated company that knows what we are doing. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured as well.

San Diego Tree Removal

The need for tree removal can happen because of a few different reasons. If a tree becomes too diseased and has begun to rot and lose its structural integrity, the best option might be to remove it completely. If not removed, they can become home to a variety of pests and insects, including termites! We are well versed in the vegetation of San Diego and will do everything we can to save the tree, but in the event it is beyond repair, our team will surgically remove it and restore the landscaping underneath. In the case of a tree that has become structurally unstable and is tipping towards your home (or a neighbor’s home!), we can remove it without causing any damage to the surrounding structures. When a tree is leaning a bit too far, tree removal will often be recommended to avoid future damage.

In the event of high winds and bad weather, tree removal might also be the best option when a tree has become heavily damaged and could be susceptible to decay or become a safety threat to the area around it. If a tree’s root system grows in or under the foundation of your property, this can create a plethora of issues which requires removal of the tree as soon as possible. Avoid further issues by calling us and having that tree removed! We are only a phone call away.

Speak with an expert at Cutting Edge Tree Service to get your free estimate today. We are always equipped with the latest equipment and provide a full service, including the cleanup of debris and branches after the main project is completed. After the tree is removed, we can grind the stump away as well, leaving little to no hint that a tree was ever there! Give us a call and give us the chance to include you among our happy customers across the San Diego area. We are sure you will be 100% satisfied with our tree removal service.

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