Tree Pruning

Tree pruning keeps your trees and bushes looking and feeling their best. By keeping your landscape properly pruned, they will stay healthy, strong, and beautiful. Pruned trees also keep you from experiencing any safety hazards such as fallen or hanging branches that can mess with your property or the surrounding properties.

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Maintaining a healthy assortment of trees and plants requires multiple kinds of tree care. Tree pruning is one of the most important of these services. We make tree pruning a hassle-free experience, and after we’re done, we’ll clean up our mess as well.

The experts at Cutting Edge Tree Service are trained in the best techniques and are properly equipped with the equipment needed for a fast, professional tree pruning. We always arrive on time and will be done before you know it.

Because of our experience, we are able to gauge how long a service will take, and we can plan our visit around your schedule. Make an appointment today and find out why San Diego turns to us when they need their trees pruned.

Not only are we locally owned and operated, but we also are licensed, bonded, and insured. These attributes combined with our years of extensive knowledge and professionalism allow us to provide you with the best tree service in San Diego.

Tree pruning techniques vary. Here are just a few we employ depending on your situation:

  1. Crown Raising
  2. Crown Thinning
  3. Crown Reduction

Crown Raising

Crown raising is needed when a tree is at risk of causing a safety hazard. We remove lowers branches from the tree that may be hanging over the street or scraping vehicles or roofs. By removing these lower branches, the top, or crown, of the tree gives the effect of being elevated, giving us the term crown raising. When low branches become obstructions on your property, they can dislodge roof tiles and cause gaps that will create further damage during our next rainy day. When performing a crown raising, we often leave about two thirds of the upper branches. This keeps the tree full and healthy, while removing the safety issue.

Crown Thinning

A technique commonly used on hardwood trees, crown thinning is done to maintain the overall shape and look of the tree or plant, while allowing better air flow and more sunlight to reach every part of the plant, improving and maintaining its health for the long term. When performing crown thinning, we keep a majority of the tree, only removing about a quarter of the branches. We make sure the removed branches are evenly spaced out among the plant as well, so the tree maintains its structure and look while enjoying the benefits described above.


Crown Reduction

In San Diego, with so many areas that have power lines installed above ground on power poles, crown reduction can be a necessary option. We have the experience to properly diagnose and perform this service, as incorrect tree pruning can cause damage to the tree. Our experts will decide upon the best plan and remove the branches that are currently or looking like they are about to cause a safety hazard with power lines above. If you find a tree has grown too high and is coming in contact with your roof or the power lines above, give us a call and let us take care of it for you as soon as possible. You can schedule a free estimate and consultation with us so you’ll know exactly the price you’ll pay. You can select a time for the service to be performed so it is completed around your schedule. Avoid any future safety hazards and give us a call.

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