Tree Cutting

Tree cutting encompasses a few possible tree services. When some of our customers require tree cutting, they need the entire tree removed because it is creating problems with the property. In other instances, only tree growth and branches need to be removed from the plant. In either situation, Cutting Edge Tree Service is able to help. We proudly offer just about every tree service under the San Diego sun and are just a phone call away.

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Going the extra mile for our customers is something we do with every job. We maintain a fleet of updated equipment and are prepared to handle any size job. All of our customers are treated with the utmost respect and we look forward to having the opportunity to work with you and assist with any tree cutting service needs you may have.

In San Diego, many of our power lines in older areas are above ground. Large branches that hang precariously over or are growing near these lines can create an issue in a storm or high winds. Many times, your city or county will notify you that the tree needs to be taken care of to avoid a safety issue for your area, and to keep you from losing power or other utilities. If a tree on your property has found itself growing up against or above your home, it can become an expensive problem in short order. Having tree cutting performed can save you a ton of money before the situation gets out of hand. From tree pruning to tree removal, we have the knowledge and equipment to handle it all.

Tree removal is a task best left to the professionals and we will take care of it properly. We always tell our clients, especially when the tree is very large, to let us handle it. Attempting it without the proper safety training and proper techniques can be dangerous to everyone and everything involved. While property or home damage can be expensive, personal injury can be much worse! We will come by and give you a free estimate and consultation and have this stress removed from your life in no time.

After we complete a tree removal, we have the equipment and ability to remove the remaining stump as well. Stump grinding will be performed by our professionals and have your landscape looking beautiful and unblemished, as well as avoiding any of the problems that leaving a dead stump in your yard can entail, including safety, fungi, and insects. As a complete tree service company, Cutting Edge Tree Service is ready and willing to accomplish any and all tree service tasks you may need. As a licensed and insured expert tree service contractor, you will rest easy knowing your home or business is taken care of regularly and professionaly. We only employ the best San Diego has to offer and we know you will be 100% satisfied with our work.

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We provide tree cutting in San Diego CA, Oceanside, Poway, San Marcos, Escondido, Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas, Carlsbad, La Jolla, and El Cajon.