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Tree care is a service we regularly provide to our commercial and residential clients across the San Diego area. We service every kind of property from offices, parks, schools, homes, and apartment and condo complexes. We have worked in the San Diego area for years and know the area well, as well as the fauna that makes up our beautiful county.

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Tree care is a necessary service to maintain the beauty of your property and surrounding landscape. We provide full service tree care that includes answering any and all questions you may have:

Our history in San Diego is well documented and we have proven ourselves to homeowners and business owners across the area. We have many happy customers that are also returning customers, and we’d love to have the opportunity to add you to this list.

As our entire team is highly trained, you can rest easy knowing your tree care and maintenance is handled by experts that keep up to date with the latest techniques and equipment. All of our tree care services are performed with the highest of care and the utmost integrity.

Still have questions? Our 100% free, in-person consultations will allow you to meet us, as well as receive an accurate free estimate on any future tree care. We pride ourselves in our affordability as well as being completely dependable and completing every job to the highest standard.

Tree Care San Diego

The right tree care completed by a professional team of tree service individuals is an important part in maintaining the beauty of your landscape. With regular upkeep of both the trees and shrubs around the property, you not only show a pride in your home, but improve its curb appeal and overall value. Our tree care includes a variety of services including tree lacing, tree trimming, root pruning, and even tree removal when necessary, but these are just a few of the jobs we are trained to take on. We have served San Diego and taken care of their tree needs for many years, and have learned the ins and outs of almost every plant and tree found on the properties around the county. No job is too large or too miniscule for us to accomplish. Some erroneously believe that trees and plants take care of themselves and do not require regular maintenance. Unfortunately, to keep your yard looking as beautiful as you know it can be, these regular tree care services are necessary. We can set you up with a one-time service, or help customize a plan for recurring work. We have many clients that enjoy working in their yards and take care of much of the maintenance but leave the more complicated services such as tree lacing and tree removal to the professionals. The homeowners and business owners that employ our regular tree care services have come to expect a streamlined process that includes cleaning up before we leave. Stop worrying about tree care yourself and treat yourself to a beautiful yard, year round, with little or no work! We have a variety of plans and techniques at your disposal.

In the event of a tree-related emergency, we are always available to help. When a thunderstorm rolls through and brings with it high winds, branches and debris can end up all over your property. In extreme cases, such as very high winds or even lightning, this can create a hazardous situation that requires the help of a professional. Don’t risk the safety of yourself or your family for any longer than absolutely necessary. Give us a call and we will provide you with a free consultation and estimate, and have your problem taken care of. We have a team of friendly, experienced professionals that will minimize any further damage to property, and help walk you through a stressful tree emergency.

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We provide tree care in San Diego CA, Oceanside, Poway, San Marcos, Escondido, Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas, Carlsbad, La Jolla, and El Cajon.