Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is an arduous task that is best left to the experts. If you’ve had to cut down a tree, or had one cut down for you, they might’ve left the stump. This can be an eyesore in your otherwise pristine landscape, as well as a safety hazard for lawnmowers and kids. Stumps can become decayed and diseased and harm the vegetation around them as well. If you need an unsightly stump removed, help is only a simple phone call away at 858-353-4498. Without the proper equipment stump grinding and stump removal can be next to impossible, and can be quite dangerous. Let us take care of it for you! We’ll have it taken care of in no time!

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Stump Grinding San Diego

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Many have asked themselves, “Do I really need to remove this stump?” when the answer is usually yes! A stump left in a yard can cause a variety of problems:

  1. Fungus overgrowth
  2. Parasite infestation
  3. Safety hazards
  4. Appearance issues

Fungus overgrowth

When a tree dies, it loses its inherent to fight off unwanted growths, fungi, and bacteria. As time passes around the tree stump, it begins to rot away and deteriorate. When coupled with a humid or hot climate that San Diego can often be known for, a perfect set of conditions is created that allows bacteria and fungi to flourish, not only within the stump but around it as well. This can even affect the landscape and plants around the dead stump, and spread to healthy sections of your landscaping. When we come out and take care of your stump grinding, this and any future problems are avoided.

Parasite infestation

As with fungi invading the dead stump, avoiding stump grinding opens up the possibility of insects and other parasites turning the pourous stump into a home where they can create further issues. Termites can grow exponentially with a dead stump as a home before they move onto other food sources, such as your home! Give us a call and we’ll take care of that stump!

Safety hazards

When a dead stump is located in the yard of a family home, removing it properly can be very important to avoid injury to children. No matter how many new mobile phone games come out, children still enjoy playing outside and they might consider this dead stump a jungle gym of sorts. But as a stump decays, it loses structural integrity and can collapse and cause harm. The parasites and fungi mentioned before can make somebody sick, especially if they happen to have an allergy to a certain growth on the stump. Harmful insects that bite and sting might seek refuge in the walls of the dead stump as well, only to be disturbed by a child and causing expensive and painful damage.

Appearance issues

Aside from the health issues that can affect your landscape and your family, a tree stump in your otherwise pristine landscape just looks unattractive. Getting rid of the stump by our stump grinding process can improve the look of your home, as well as its resale value! Our experts will take care of the stump quickly and have your yard looking amazing.

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