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Fallen Trees in San Diego Due to Storm

San Diego does not have to deal with very many storms. San Diego has such consistent weather that many of us take it for granted. The beautiful weather almost year around is one of the things that make us all love San Diego so much. This was not the case on the 30th of January as a rare rain speckled the San Diego landscape. Many of us in San Diego, including myself, enjoy a nice rain from time to time. Some San Diego residents look forward to a nice rain like the Northwest looks forward to sunshine.

The light & pleasant rain quickly gave way to much more volatile weather as the morning of January 31 2016 arrived. The wind began to blow vigorously with wind speeds that topped over 50 miles per hour. San Diego even managed to see hail in the early morning hours of February 1 2016. Anytime there has been rain and strong winds that follow closely thereafter, trees are much more at risk of falling. The rain softens the soil which allows the root systems of trees to move with much more ease. San Diego has naturally sandy soil as well which does not help trees stay well rooted. There are not a lot of large species of trees in San Diego that fall from the roots up. This is something that is more common with trees such as pines. This is due to the fact that they have a shallow root system and a large surface area. San Diego does not have very many pine trees, so falling trees are not something we really worry about often in San Diego.

It is extremely rare to see a large tree such as an oak tree fall in its entirety without signs of disease or decline prior to falling. However this is exactly what happened in Pacific Beach San Diego California in the evening hours of February 31 2016. An entire oak tree fell onto 3 cars which were unoccupied. The tree also fell on a car that was being driven by a 48 year old woman who unfortunately passed from this tragic accident. Please keep the friends & family members of the deceased in your thoughts. Our hearts and many other San Diego residents hearts go out to the family and friends of the deceased.

Evaluating tree health is crucial to public safety. We need to make sure we are inspecting tree health on a regular basis and taking into consideration whether or not certain trees are able to withstand the type of weather San Diego has endured over the last several days. I think we all hope that Pacific Beach, San Diego and surrounding cities will continue to carefully evaluate tree health on a regular basis to ensure our safety.

Tree Service 92102

The 92102 zip code contains some of the most beloved areas of San Diego. South Park, North Park, and even part of Balboa park is within the 92102 zip code. If you need a tree service 92102 San Diego residents, call Cutting Edge Tree Service.

There are not very many homes in the San Diego 92102 zip code that have trees. However the homes are closer together and therefore the trees are closer to multiple homes. Removing a tree in areas where they are in close proximity to homes requires an expert tree service. There are plenty of tree services in San Diego, but very few have the ability or equipment to safely remove a tree in the 92102 area. Trimming a tree is a much easier process than having a tree removed from a property. However even trimming a large tree like a Eucalyptus can be very dangerous and requires hiring a professional tree service. Eucalyptus trees can grow to be very tall and also have large branches. Many tree services that are not qualified to do large tree trimming work will claim that they are able to do the work when they really are not experienced enough to remove large branches. The fact is they are not willing to turn away a paying job even if it means putting you, your neighbors, your home and or your neighbors homes at risk. Hiring an unqualified tree service is a huge gamble. One that can cost you dearly if and when something goes wrong. Tree services and contractors are required to be licensed in the state of California. If you hire an unlicensed contractor in California and someone gets injured, the property owner is held responsible for the injuries and or damages caused. You are much more likely to have problems with an unlicensed contractor as well. Licensed tree services are willing to go through the proper procedures to make sure they are conducting business in a legal manner, therefore they are more likely to use the proper procedures during the removal or trimming of a large tree. Even if you choose not to hire our tree service, you should not hire an unlicensed tree service.

If you are in the 92102 zip code and are looking for a tree service, we are only a call away. We will come out and give you an estimate on the tree trimming or tree removal project. When we start a project, we complete it in a safe and timely manner. We look forward to hearing from you.

Tree Service 92126

Looking for a tree service San Diego 92126 property owners? Cutting Edge Tree Service is a San Diego based tree service that will always focus on customer satisfaction above all else. You should give us a call before you decide to use any other tree service in the 92126 zip code. If you do not want to read any further and you just want to call us now for a free estimate you can call (858) 353-4498. If you want to find out more about our tree service you can visit the homepage of our website by clicking here..

Cutting Edge Tree Service is one of if not the most trusted name in the San Diego tree service industry. Why are we such a trusted company you might ask. We are always looking for way to improve our processes and the overall customer experience with our company. Cutting Edge Tree Service is always reinvesting back into our own company to make sure our equipment allows us to stay on the cutting edge of the tree removal industry. Our company has most recently invested in one of the largest wood chippers that is on the market. Where most tree services would have to take the time to cut and haul branches larger than a certain diameter, Cutting Edge Tree Service just gets to throw them in our wood chipper. What does this mean to you? The faster our equipment is able to process the wood, the less time it takes for our tree service team to complete the job. Our wood chipper saves us vast amounts of time on each project. We can charge our customers less money because we are able to get to more projects than other tree services due to our cutting edge equipment. Our company will finish jobs quickly, but we won’t sacrifice quality or safety in order to finish quickly. Our reputation means everything to us so we are wise enough to know that if we cause injury or do a sub-par job we are not going to keep a great reputation. We really value each and every customer and want to make sure you always have a great experience with our tree service 92126 San Diego residents.

Make sure you always ask the tree service you are considering about license and insurance information. You should take it upon yourself to check the California State Contractors Board to make sure the company before using any company. While some tree services may have had a valid license in the past, that does not mean that they have an active license now. Some tree services will operate for months or even years without proper licensing. If the company does not have a license they do not have insurance. If they do not have insurance, you can be liable for any and all injuries a tree service worker gets while on the job. Cutting Edge Tree Service has always and will always keep active and up to date license and required insurance.

If you are looking for a tree service San Diego 92126 residents call Cutting Edge Tree Service. We are the best choice for all of your tree service needs.

Tree Service San Diego 92126

Looking for a tree service San Diego 92126 homeowners or businesses? Cutting Edge Tree Service is the best company to call in San Diego for all of your tree service needs whether they be tree removal or just a simple tree trimming. Cutting Edge Tree Service has been serving people in the greater San Diego area including the 92126 zip code for a long time. We are a trusted tree service among San Diego residents and other San Diego tree services as well.

There are several other reputable tree services in San Diego that will contract us to take care of tree service work for their company as well. When they get overbooked or a job is too big for their company to handle they call us because they know that we are a trustworthy company that does excellent work. There is nothing more we want than to continue to become one of the most trusted tree services in all of San Diego.

Tree services are similar to trees themselves. Some trees are meant to grow larger and thrive while others are not. Just like trees it can be hard to tell how healthy a company is without doing a lot of investigating. We are a transparent company from the first time we give a bid and throughout the tree service procedures. Our company Cutting Edge Tree Service has nothing to hide. It is recommended that you do your due diligence before you hire any company including a tree service. We have the experience, knowledge, work ethic, and prices you want a tree service to possess. If you hire our tree service we will not disappoint.

All we want from you as a potential customer is an opportunity to earn your business. We hope you will call us to get a free estimate before you make your final decision when choosing a tree service in San Diego.

Tree Service San Diego 92145

Need a tree service San Diego 92145 homeowners and residents? Cutting Edge Tree Service has been serving the 92145 zip code in San Diego for over 20 years. Our company is one of the most experienced tree services you can hire in all of San Diego county. The most important thing to us is our customers. We always make sure we remove trees safely especially if it is close to your home or other assets on the property. We also take great care to make sure the tree is removed in a way that will keep all surrounding homes and properties out of harms way. We are truly tree experts and handle each tree and customer with respect.

If a tree requires specialized permits we make sure the tree removal project is properly permitted to avoid delays. Proper permits are also important to protect the homeowner and our tree service as well. our company has always been in San Diego county so we know the proper county and state regulations for tree removal. Our years of experience expedite the tree removal process greatly and we can get the project finished much more quickly and safely than almost any tree service.

The first thing we do when someone calls us for a tree services is give an in person estimate. Our tree service wants to make sure we are able to give accurate estimates for all of our customers. This allows us to give the lowest accurate prices for our services while still giving estimates that are fair to our company as well. We are an owner operated company that has always been operated by one person, Earl Keene. Earl Keene has well over 25 years in the tree service industry and is one of the most knowledgeable and respected tree service owners in all of San Diego. Many other tree service companies will contract Earl and his knowledgeable team to remove trees when they have too many jobs at the same time. Cutting Edge Tree Service is honestly the right company for you to choose if you are in the 92145 zip code of San Diego. Call us anytime for your free estimate on tree removal, tree trimming, or any other tree service. You can also find more information about our individual services like tree removal on the tree removal page of our website. Call us for an estimate or any questions. Thanks for reading and we hope to talk to you soon.

Tree Service San Diego 92101

Need a tree service in San Diego zip code 92101? The 92101 zip code is right in the downtown part of San Diego that we all know and most of us love. There are not as many trees in the San Diego 92101 zip code but the trees in that specific area require a high level of skill to be able to remove. Almost all of the trees in the San Diego 92101 zip code are close to buildings because of the structure density in San Diego zip code 92101. If you are hiring a tree service that is not skilled enough or proficient in working on trees in hazardous areas it can be very risky.

You will want to make sure that the tree service you are using is licensed and insured of course. You will also want to make sure that they are truly the owners of the company. There are certain unlicensed tree services in San Diego that will impersonate licensed tree services with a good reputation. These predatory people impersonating tree services do not have a license or a real company so they have nothing to lose. Many of them will even have business cards or literature printed with the company name on it so you might think they look legitimate. Many of these types of tree services are found on ad sites like Craigslist. They will probably quote you a really great rate but when mistakes are made it will cost you a lot more in the long run. When mistakes are made by these types of tree service they will often just disconnect their phone number and move onto their next scheme so it makes it hard to track them down. If the tree service shows up and they have very limited equipment or next to no tree service equipment at all it is a key indicator that you may be dealing with a less than reputable tree service. A tree service operating in San Diego 92101 zip code requires more equipment than tree services that operates in other areas of San Diego just because of the close proximity of buildings. So if you hire a tree service and they are ill equipped for the job it should be a red flag. All reputable tree services invest money into their company and will have top notch equipment.

When you need a tree service in San Diego 92101 zip code there is no better tree service to call than Cutting Edge Tree Service. We have the equipment needed and the experience wanted when working in areas of San Diego like the 92101 zip code. We are committed to safety and quality of work while still making sure that we are able to keep our prices competitive. You have to remember if you get a quote on tree work that is far below the other tree service quotes there is probably a reason that quote is so low and you should remain skeptical.

Our tree service San Diego 92101 is here for you anytime if you need a quote or just advice on tree services.